You Are The Leaders of Tomorrow


This week we attended two stellar events filled with remarkable young people. 


We had the opportunity to experience teens using serious leadership firsthand. 

 On Saturday, we were at the 3rd annual  Feminist Art Conference,  This morning at St. Clemments Girls school. Both were such powerful and inspiring affairs filled with inspiring teens speaking their minds and sharing ideas and showing powerful leadership.

Teen feminist panel leadership

At the FAC event on Saturday we had the pleasure of moderating a teen feminist panel of six brilliant young feminists. Our teen panel spoke about what feminism means to them and whether or not this 100-year-old movement is still valid in their lives. The answer were thrilling and powerful.  

We will be sharing the video of this event at a later date so keep your eyes open for that. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.28.18 PM

This morning’s event at St. Clements was different, but none the less powerful, Kristin and I had the opportunity to speak with 150 powerful and motivated people. We got to talk about our in school  FRANQ GIRL CLUB and do a small version of one of our leadership based club projects, and inspire a bud of activism in our bright and brilliant audience. 

Try it for yourself

  1. What is something that pisses you off? Something globally, or in one of your communities? 
  2. What is something that you love that brings you joy, and something you are really good at? 
  3. Now combine the thing you hate and the thing you love and come up with an idea that could transform the thing you hate in a community that you care about. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.39.18 PM

At both of these events, it made me think about what leadership is and how it can be broken down into it’s simplest form, so that everyone can understand it and thus become a leader and I came up with this, 

Leadership is 50% inspiration and 50% making requests and 100% hard work 

It looks like this…

  1. You get inspired by your idea, and you inspire others to join you in making your idea happen
  2. You make requests of those who are inspired by your idea to help you make your idea a reality. 
  3. You do the work to get it done
  4. You circle back to inspiring yourself and others, making requests and doing the work to get it done.
  5. Etc, etc, etc…

It’s so simple and can be applied anywhere at any time, you can make any situation an opportunity for leadership. 

Show us your leadership, what ideas can you come up with using the project questions above? Let us know at #franqgirlsmakechange on Instgram or twitter and tag us @franqgirl because you are the leaders of tomorrow, and we want to be inspired by your remarkable ideas. 

If you’re interested in starting a FRANQ GIRL CLUB at your school and creating some serious social change in your life, community and possibly the world go here and download the FRANQ GIRL CLUB Activation doc and then email me and we’ll help you get your club set up .