Who’s the fairest of them all


Mirror, mirror,
On the wall,
Can’t you see?
What you show kills me!


It’s hard to see yourself as beautiful; I get it. If somebody keeps telling you repeatedly that you’re not it eventually takes its toll, and your self-esteem drops significantly but think about this:


How do you see yourself? What would you change?
What would you keep? Which list is longer?
You have shattered our souls and caused us to see ourselves as less than we are. Think about your message and your influence. Don’t make our world a Barbie world!

Who's the fairest of them all

Love yourself no matter what.
Love your body because it’s the only home your soul has.
And love your flaws because you without your flaws wouldn’t be you.

All our lives we are told to love others and be kind but how can we love others if we don’t even love ourselves?

Society has taken all our values and morals and stuffed them into a box, a box that is store under our beds, a box that will be forgotten. We frowned upon difference and chastened those who call themselves unique. Somebody else has ruined our reputation as humans; we are no longer humans because of the things we say and the thoughts we think. I’d love to tell you that all perfect, flawless people are bad, it would make my point stronger. But the world is not that simple or that black and white, the world isn’t categorized into good people and people who fill our ears with nonsense. There are racist people and destructive people, the list goes on. My point is everybody wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change, so then don’t! Accept your rights and your wrongs, your good and bad. Use that to guide you, you did something wrong now here’s you chance to fix it. So what are you waiting for? You have the power to change the world, so get up from your computers and directors chair and fix your mistake!

That little girl still has a chance, why are you so determined to take it away from her?

image1My name is Kariscia. I am 14 years old and like so many girls out there I once felt insecure about myself, I felt like I wasn’t living up to our society’s expectations. I am very, very passionate about this article!! I wrote it as a speech and every time  I read it I feel empowered. I believe that girls need to read this, they need to know this! Us girls need to start believing in ourselves again. We need to start loving ourselves again

Kariscia submitted this article to us and we loved it so much we had to post it. this is part two called “Who’s the fairest of them all”  we will post the other two  parts “Starving Our Nation to Extinction” and “Fantasy vs. Reality” over the next two weeks.