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Welcome to Project Thrive

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As teens, we struggled, like so many, with eating disorders, skin issues, bullying and other psyche damaging and painful experiences.
We thought, as we got older that we would have increased self-confidence, and be in a place where we feel great about our bodies, no longer struggling with ourselves, sadly this isn’t the case. 
We still have hope.
In the work we do we meet a lot of fantastic girls and women, and we noticed a disturbing trend. Every woman we meet no matter how powerful, successful, wealthy or beautiful she is, speaks badly about the way she looks.  She always without exception has some terrible thing to say about her skin, body or weight. Almost every woman we meet has struggled with an eating disorder; it doesn’t matter what race she is or career path she is on. It doesn’t matter if she is an athlete, a student, a feminist, or a mom, it doesn’t matter if she is rich or poor, she still struggles with herself in many ways.
We have come to the realization that 
 Enough is enough!
We have decided that this must change! The only way to create this transformation in the world is to start with us first and to do this work ourselves.
So, we will be starting a journey to learn to love ourselves, we will spend a year working on THRIVING.

We chose to create this project to entice girls and women to learn to love themselves totally and completely.
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Project Thrive
We are going to create a kit called the THRIVE BOX, and we need your help to do it. 
The THRIVE BOX will be an actual kit filled with fantastic and beautiful items.
The purpose of this kit is to help girls and women love themselves and thrive in their bodies, minds, souls and lives in general. 
Tell us what items you think should be included and why.
If we include your suggestion in the THRIVE BOX, then you will win one for yourself or a person of your choice. 
Tag us @franqgirl #franqthrivebox with a picture that you feel represents the word thrive, and your idea of what should go in the box. 
 Let’s work together to make sure the whole world THRIVES. xo