Meet The Girls From Our Makeup Free Photo Shoot

For the second issue of FRANQ GIRL, we put together an organic make-up free photo shoot.


We asked the girls to show up with no make-up on, we had no fashion stylists or hair stylist on  set, just the girls, their beautiful faces, personalities, personal style and a wonderful photographer named Diana.

15 girls came out.

We had only met 2 of the girls in person before.
Upon meeting these girls, we were completely blown away, by the depth of these girls passions, and what they go after in life, what they are standing for and what they hope to accomplish in their lives. Re-reading what these girls had to say gives me goosebumps even now.

Here’s what makes these wonderful girls so incredible. For the  FULL photo spread BUY the second issue of FRANQ GIRL here

Meet The Girls From Our Makeup Free Photo Shoot

Makeup free photo shoot

1. Summeya

Summeya is an expressive 15-year-old and is the cover model for our second issue. Summeya enjoys drama and writing about women in terms of how they are portrayed in social media today. She is an aspiring public speaker who wants to empower women and wants to become a woman’s rights lawyer. She is a participant of a club that helps individuals find volunteer opportunities around the community. She is also on the spirit committee at her school.

2. Ruby

Ruby, at only 9-years-old, has started an organization with her mom called Girls Make A Change. Through Girls Make a Change, Ruby hopes to help girls 8-16 through mentorship, and by assisting and supporting girls to get over the various hurdles, they encounter in life. Ruby’s mom has been her biggest motivation and mentor throughout the process of starting her organization and has helped push her to see that she can accomplish anything.

3. Hope

Hope is extremely talented with technology, teaching herself new tips and tricks every day. Hope is incredibly musically inclined, because she is profoundly deaf, no one thought she would be able to speak. Surprising everyone Hope was able to teach herself to speak by singing along to her favourite band Walk Off The Earth. Hope is most proud of the close bond she shares with her 18-year-old brother and his girlfriend. The three are inseparable.

4. Ebba

Ebba is 12-years-old and is a passionate basketball player. She has been playing for five years she enjoys basketball because of the bond she shares with her teammates. On top of her athleticism, Ebba is keen on continuing her French education and loves playing the guitar and singing.

5. Hannah

Hannah is 12-years-old, loves running and basketball, and French. She is extremely talented at all three and is most proud of making it to the championships in primary school for triple jump.

6. Abeera

Abeera is 17, and she loves using spoken word poetry to express her ideas. Abeera started a multicultural youth council in her community to be able to actively communicate to youth about multicultural issues. She is the president of the Feed The Children club at her school and contributes to the Canadian Young Scientist Journal. Abeera is currently learning about how social media policies affect society, which is something she may pursue in the future, And She is passionate about global health studies because it encompasses health science and social justice.

7. Katherine

Katherine is most interested in robotics and software and has a goal to start a technology software company after university. Katherine is also a woman of many musical talents and is the Co-director of the Chamber Choir. At only 17 years old, Katherine is co-chair of the Culture Fest held at her school, a huge school-wide event that takes place every year. She is also Tech Editor of her school magazine and president of the student-run Music Council.

8. Kabi

Kabi is 17 and is most passionate about writing and literature. She is also extremely interested in helping those in need in her community. She is currently the Vice President of the Human Resources for a company built at Celestica.

9. Ahadia

Ahadia at 17-years-old is the President of the Habitat For Humanity club at her school and is most proud of raising money for the cause. She enjoys expressing herself through visual art, and she hopes someday to help others through human to human interactions. Ahadia also loves fashion and reading great books.

10 Isabelle

Isabelle is 13 years old and is most passionate about expressing herself through various forms of creativity. Isabelle finds joy in expressing herself through cheerleading at school. She is a young aspiring writer who hopes to combine her literary talents somehow with her love for music. Her short-term goal is to finish her so-far twelve-chapter novel about self-esteem and overcoming adversities.

11. Mel

Mel is 14-years-old her proudest moment this year is being designated her first dance solo in lyrical/contemporary. She is looking to pursue a career in the field of science, more specifically a career in microbiology.
Mel is in her school fashion show this year and would like to have more modeling experiences.

12. Bridget

Bridget is 12 years old and enjoys French and Math class. She loves knowing more than one language and finds that math can be very rewarding and satisfying. She is most proud of being awarded the Female Athlete Of The Year and the French award at her grade 6 graduation. She is also proud of her recent accomplishment of making the volleyball team.

13. Michelle

Michelle is 17; she is most proud of her participation on the SEXT Program (Sex Education By Theatre), a program started by a U of T student to promote sexual health and sexuality awareness. Michelle is a huge believer in self-confidence. And is most passionate about English and sport, and hopes to be an elementary school teacher someday.

14. Fiona

Fiona is 12 years old; she is very passionate about drama and track and field. She is most proud of her career in hurdles at track and field. After two years of failed attempts at the hurdles during competitions, this year she came in first place in her race. On top of track and field, Fiona is dedicated to drama and is a part of her school play this year.

15. Antonette

Antonette is 17 years old and hopes to pursue a career in human growth and development, and English. She is most proud of her experience volunteering in St. Vincent teaching children in need how to use computers and basic math skills to give them a better chance at a bright future. Antonette is striving for a career with children.