High School Can Seriously Suck


These are a few thoughts on why I sometimes hate high school and why High School can Seriously Suck


One reason is how much people know about you, how fast rumours go around and that if you make a little mistake everyone will know. An example might be when you used to be best friends with a particular person, and you tell them everything. Then as you get older and make more friends that person may not be your best friend anymore. They might tell your secrets to seem cooler. They may laugh at you for all the “crazy” things about you that make you…you. But don’t let them make fun or tear you down because of it. Just stay confident and be you.
Honestly, there will be rumors going around. Just try to ignore them. Even if they are about you just try to ignore them because they will pass in a few days. If there is a rumor about you, the chances are that that person who started it is possibly jealous of you. Please don’t self-harm or hurt yourself in any way.

High school seriously sucks- Gossip hurts-

If anything bad ever happens to you or a friend, talk to a person you trust. If you talk it out, you will feel better. Always remember you have an incredible life to lead, school is just a tiny bit of that life. Don’t let high school tear you apart.

Everyone makes mistakes – on a math test or a big project or even with a friendship. I don’t understand why it is a big deal that someone makes a mistake. Everyone makes them so why make fun?

People may gossip about a mistake. Just go up to them say, “Yeah, I made a mistake. Big deal. I think you have made them too so why gossip and spread rumors around about mine?”

I’m not going to lie to you. Some things that you did when you were younger may come back to you. Just always stay confident and don’t change yourself to look cooler. Stay beautiful you.

I'm not perfect

Try not to get depressed when these things happen because it’s just a little flaw in a whole week, month and life. There will be many, many bumps in the road, but you have got to get past them. The longer you focus on them, the worse it will get. I totally understand that if you’re going through a rough patch that you don’t see the light at the end of the path. You have to believe to see it.

I think there is a possible solution, but it is hard. The solution may be not to judge other people – on how they look or on anything. Everyone is unique.

If you are having serious issues, there are places you can turn to and people who want to help

If you are feeling depressed, anxious, sad, angry, scared, misunderstood, struggling with an eating disorder, your sexuality, gender identity,  you are self-harming, or maybe you  just need someone to talk to, contact one of these anonymous services.




http://www.translifeline.org/ (For trans youth) 

http://www.pflagcanada.ca/en/index.html (LGBTQ+ friendly a resource for youth and parents/caregivers) 

Franq Girl-0172I am in high school, and I’m 15.  My future dreams have changed many times. Right now I want to be a makeup artist. I love Photoshop and transforming pictures into amazing masterpieces. I hope that everyone will pollute less, I feel like we created this mess, and we can return it to its beautiful self. I love a lot of things like math… Yes, math.  Hope everyone likes my article