It’s a monthly digital magazine for teen girls, it was created to empower and inspire it’s readers, and to ultimately change the way girls are represented in the media .


FRANQ GIRL MAGAZINE officially launched October 1st 2014  in  iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play

How does the magazine work? 


How is FRANQ GIRL MAGAZINE different from other magazines for teen girls that are already available?

FRANQ GIRL is the first TRUE Beauty Magazine

FRANQ GIRL MAGAZINE is about showing girls as diverse and holistic individuals with varied interests. We cover all sorts of topics including school, relationships, and finances, getting a first job, starting a business, fitness with a focus on body positivity, nutrition and health, and fun stuff like fashion, beauty and DIY.

Imagery is very important to the FRANQ GIRL movement and because of that  we are investing a large portion of our energy and money into creating imagery that is inclusive of all sizes, heights, ethnicities, and sexual orientations, we want all girls to feel beautiful and see themselves represented in the media, we are doing this by using real teen girls as our models in the fashion and fitness spreads.

We also publish content written by teen girls, and allow them to guide us in how we interact with them, and represent them.

We are rolling out FRANQ GIRL clubs at High schools through out the GTA. The clubs are teen led and the purpose is to create live action version of the magazine. Allowing girls the opportunity to be in our photo shoots, write for use, attend events, confidence workshops career talks and much more.

We believe that girls are powerful, they have bright futures and are capable of incredible things and we want to be a part of guiding them to realizing this for themselves, empowering them to stand in their greatness.

How do you plan on making FRANQ GIRL MAGAZINE a reality?

Through your help!

We need a community of men, women and teens, media, organizations and companies who want to see our dream of girls being represented in a healthy way become the new norm. We need this movement to start from the roots, for you to join us in telling the world that enough is enough.

Our girls are worth so much more

FRANQLY it’s time for a change.