Hey Girls,

You may be asking what is FRANQ GIRL Magazine, why is it different than what’s already out there, and why should I care?

FRANQ GIRL MAGAZINE is a digital teen beauty/lifestyle magazine for teen girls

FRANQ GIRL is made up of great articles that explore real life issues and experiences.  We also offer the usual magazine stuff including useful advice from forward thinking experts, and a ton of fun stuff including fashion and DIY to balance it all out.

FRANQ GIRL is different because it is all about YOU and what’s relevant to YOUR life. We started out creating FRANQ GIRL to empower and inspire YOU, to become leaders and social change activists in the areas you care about. In doing so, we realized that the best way to achieve this was by listening to YOU, and making FRANQ GIRL a platform for your voices. And so our articles are often written by teens age 13-19. 

When we say REAL, we mean that we show people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and sexual orientations, and abilities, people who look just like you. 

When we say TRUE beauty, we mean that we are representing the TRUTH about beauty. That beauty is not a single dimensional occurrence with only one type of face and body allowed. And that beauty is more than just physical appearance. We don’t use Photoshop to change how our models look; we show FRANQ reality in all of its glory.

We seriously want to hear from you and publish what you have to say. If you would like to see something featured in FRANQ GIRL MAGAZINE, or would like to write for us connect with us, we’d love to hear your ideas. info@franqgirl.com


Jessica Nicholson